Easy Thanksgiving Guide


With a few tasks each day during thanksgiving week, you can ensure that it will be a piece of pumpkin pie to get your meal to the table stress free. We have mapped out the easiest route to make sure each day isn’t too difficult and that your meal will come out effortlessly.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have your adopted turkey as your guest of honor! Place a photo of your poultry pal in the center of your table and celebrate the lives of all things sentient and living. The turkeys will be as thankful for you as you are for them!



  • Prepare your shopping list.

  • Shop for all your groceries.

  • Make Stuffing*. {RECIPE HERE}





  • Make Corn Casserole (reserve topping) {RECIPE HERE}

  • Make Spinach Dip* (using prepared sour cream) {RECIPE HERE}

  • Make Cranberries*. {RECIPE HERE}

  • ***Place phyllo dough from freezer to refrigerator***



  • Morning (before guests arrive, prep takes aprox. 2 hours):

    • Prep Brussel Sprout Salad & make shallot vinaigrete {RECIPE HERE}

    • Prepare mashed potatoes: Boil red skinned potatoes until fork tender, drain and smash. Add unsweetened soy/almond milk, vegan butter, and salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste or use your favorite family recipe.

    • Make gravy while potatoes boil (we like to do a double batch!) {RECIPE HERE}

    • Assemble Squares

  • Serve Spinach Dip when guests arrive.

  • 3 Hours before dinner is served:

    • Bake Stuffing (350º for 30 min). (can be placed back in oven to reheat closer to dinner)

    • Bake Corn (350º for 1 hr). (can be placed back in oven to reheat closer to dinner)

    • Bake Squares (350º for 45min to bake, 20min to set)

    • Bake rolls while squares set (Pillsbury Crescent Rolls are deliciously vegan!)

    • Make Brussel Sprout Salad while rolls bake (prepare right before dinner is served so salad is still warm). {RECIPE HERE}

    • Pull pie from freezer before dinner to allow time to defrost.


*Items we recommend making ahead of time

  • STUFFING: Make at least one day ahead so bread has enough time to absorb liquids and flavors can develop. Freezes well.

  • PUMPKIN PECAN TORTE: Best made the day before serving to allow time to thoroughly freeze and set. Take out of freezer 30 minutes to an hour to defrost before serving.

  • SOUR CREAM: Make a day ahead of Spinach Dip to allow time to thicken properly.

  • SPINACH DIP:  Make a day ahead of serving to allow flavors to meld and dip to thicken. It is very good on the same day, but much better the next. Best served cold.

  • CRANBERRIES: Allow time to chill all the way through for best results. Can be made same day if time permits.


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