The Big Announcement!

Hello, everyone! We have been crazy busy these last few months. We have taken the plunge into the world of semi-professional cooking with catering events and pop-up dinners. It has been a complete and total joy for us to prepare food for our guests, and the feedback has been incredible.

Along with some new business endeavors in the works, we have a big announcement to make: We are changing our name! That’s right, we will be re-branding ourselves with something completely new. Something that we think will take us into the future. A new business name to serve as a solid foundation that will allow our business to grow. We are still the same two girls that love making delicious things, but we needed to find a new direction.

You may be wondering why. And, yes, there is a reason. It is uncomfortable to speak about, but more important than ever. It has been brought to our attention recently (in a very polite and respectful way, may I add) that our name, Ahimsa Vegan Eats, is appropriative. And they are right.

For those that are unfamiliar with cultural appropriation, it is the use of elements of one culture by another, particularly when elements of a minority culture are used by members of the cultural majority.

3 years ago, we decided to take on the world of vegan cooking. We were both still fairly new vegans, but we knew this was the path for us. As many vegans know, there is something (well, a lot of somethings) that changes inside of you when you make the commitment to veganism. Your whole world becomes wrapped up in it. You begin to see everything differently. It changes who you are and how you approach the world around you. This change allowed us to find our true passion. Food has always been important to us, but it wasn’t until going vegan that we realized that it was our future. We both liked to cook, and were decent at it, but once we realized that all the things that we loved so much were no longer readily available to us, we had a challenge. A challenge that we eagerly accepted.

We began reading and testing and learning all the weird little secrets to making plants taste like different things. We would take our families recipes and recreate those flavors and textures. It was addictive, and so, so tasty. That is when we decided to move forward with plans for a business. We wanted this to be our livelihood. We began brainstorming and researching and doing our best to find something that encompassed our principles. During this time, we learned of Ahimsa, meaning “do no harm” in Sanskrit. This immediately spoke to us for obvious reasons, and that was it! Ahimsa Vegan Eats was born. We loved it. It summed up who we were and what we believed in one sweet sounding little package.

We moved forward with our blog, and eventually began branching out and becoming a bit more known. We have been greatly supported, and began to feel some momentum in our business. It wasn’t until we became a bit more public that this issue was brought up, but we are so grateful that it was.

When it was brought to our attention that our name is appropriative, we immediately realized that we had misstepped in our attempt to “find ourselves”. We had stolen a concept of virtue from Indian religions and claimed it as our own, to use and to profit from. While our intent was never malicious, we realize the insensitivity that it shows and deeply apologize.

We decided to take this as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. To reassess who we are, what our mission statement is, and where we want to be in the future. And we want to do this with respect for all.


With that being said, we would like to introduce you to the NEW us: Newfangled Foods.


We feel like this represents who we are and who we want to be: modern, advanced and unexpected. We want to bring you food that you never thought you would eat again. Food that is classic AND food that is unique. We want to constantly strive to be better, and bring you all our new discoveries.

Over the next few weeks, we will be updating our various platforms, including our blog page, to reflect our new brand. Please bear with us during this transition; we promise to make it as seamless as possible.

We hope that you will continue to support and follow us on our journey. We truly think that the best is yet to come, and we are proud to move forward with a commitment to being ourselves, while showing the utmost love, respect and gratitude to those around us.


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