We're BACK!

Hello, friends! Sorry we have been away for so long, but we are back and feeling more inspired than ever!!

We would like to tell you a bit about what we have been doing this last year. We have been tossing around about a million different business ideas, but no matter how awesome they were, there was something holding us back from really diving in...confidence (and money, of course). We knew that we needed to do some real work if we wanted to feel like we could be successful turning our passion into a career, and Rouxbe Cooking School was there to make that happen! We both signed up for the Plant-Based Certification Course, and the next 7 months were dedicated to learning. Of course, that was in addition to the full time jobs, raising a tiny vegan, losing pets and loved ones, the holidays, moving and managing relationships. Looking back, it is no wonder we lost track of the blog! But many months later, here we are. Both proud graduates and Plant-Based Certified. Yes, it’s true...we are certified vegans. How silly and awesome at the same time! We learned a TON, and are ready to move forward with our futures- NO MORE EXCUSES (although, I’m sure we could still come up with plenty..like that money thing).

We have been exploring lots of different business avenues, including personal catering, meal prep and even a food truck! It is very exciting to live in an area with so many new, amazing restaurants popping up, and they are thriving! The possibilities are endless around here, making it very tricky for us to find our niche.

We recently had a very wonderful opportunity come to us (which is still in the works) which resulted in us hosting a tasting for some very special guests. Many of the guests were vegetarian, but most were omnivores with various dietary preferences. It was very intimidating to feed OUR food to such inspiring business owners, after all, their job for the evening was to tell us what was wrong with our food, and even ourselves! We are “behind the scenes” types, so inviting judgement and critique (you know, the nice word for criticism) was very scary. But we did it. And we did it well. 10 different dishes for 9 guests. What. A. Night.

We have never had so much knowledge of marketing and business ownership and management together in one place before! It was really incredible for us, especially being the newbies that we are. They were very thoughtful in their questions to us, and their constructive criticism. We learned so much, but of course our heads were spinning by the end of the night. So much to wrap our minds around!

Overall, our food was well received. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but it was encouraging to have (mostly) strangers enjoy our food. The exhilarating feeling we were left with after weeks of planning, testing, prep and cooking..that feeling is enough to make us do it all over again.

Big things are coming, and we are excited for the journey. Also terrified, but that should go without saying. We look forward to taking you along for the ride!

Oh, by the way, one of the favorite dishes that we served them was a breakfast sandwich made with Tofu Bacon and egg, both of which are easily made at home by following our recipes featured in the “breakfast” section of the blog. Enjoy!!


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